Resuming Church Services

Based on the recent changes of restrictions by the Austrian government, we are planning to resume our Sunday church services on May 17! This will only possible under certain conditions. Please, carefully read and follow the following information in order to find out how you can join a Sunday morning church service!

  • We have enough space for the expected number of people at our church services now.

  • Wearing a face mask is mandatory! Especially when there is not enough distance between people (e.g. before service and when service has ended) and during singing time.

  • In order to maintain the proper distancing between people, the arrangement of chairs inside the meeting should not be changed! Only exception would be for families or people who live in one household and therefore may sit together. We will also open the balcony to ensure the proper distancing and maximize the seating capacity. Please, also keep enough distance between you and others before and after the service.

  • There will still be no coffee and fellowship time after the service until further notice.

  • The nursery room will be open, but please, remember to keep enough distance also in this case.

  • We will provide hand disinfectant in the entrance hall. Please, use it before you enter the meeting hall. Avoid shaking hands or hugging when greeting one another. We will also have someone assigned to regularly clean/disinfect important objects such as door handles.

  • In order to reach and serve the whole church we will continue to offer our live stream! This way people unable to join our service due to age or health conditions will have the opportunity to still take part in our service. If you join our service, please, be aware that the stage area and front rows might be visible in our YouTube live stream!

Our other small groups and prayer groups during the week will continue to meet either online or some might resume meeting in person. Please, contact your small group leader for more information on how your group intends to meet. For those unable to join our church service, there is also the possibility to meet in small groups and watch the live stream together. Please, continue to be aware of social distancing during those times!

Please, follow these important guidelines to prevent the virus from spreading:

  • Wash hands regularly

  • Avoid shaking hands or hugging

  • Avoid touching your face

  • Wear a face mask when being together with other people as well as in shops and public transport

  • Keep distance as much as possible

  • Wash hands regularly or use disinfectant when available

  • Stay home if you feel sick! Don't go to the doctor as you put others in danger of infection, but call 1450 where you get more information and help.

If you want to give your tithes and offerings you may do so either during one of our services or, if you are not able to join in person, via bank transfer (IBAN: AT77 3200 0000 1106 9986   BIC: RLNWATWW). We still need and very much appreciate your support.

If you still have further questions about anything concerning these matters, please, don't hesitate to contact anyone in leadership. Remember to keep on praying in all this! Praying for the officials who carry responsibility in crisis management and those who are already affected by the virus and the impacts of the measures in many countries of the world, including Austria. Currently the situation affects our personal lives and church life, so let's make sure that we still look for wise ways to support each other and not abandon the fellowship of believers.

Thank you all for your prayer and support!

May the Lord keep you well and strong and may His light shine in this world through you!